QLM Energy's fast-growing division gives peace of mind to our Solar Partners

QLM brings expertise and solar workforce management to your solar project. QLM’s know-how and years of experience in the solar field managing the workforce, project requirements, and time management will positively impact your solar project.

We've contributed over 2 Gigawatts utility-scale installations to the Solar Industry.

Our partners choose QLM every time because they know QLM will staff their solar project with safe, productive, and qualified, skilled workers.

Did you know an average megaproject* is delivered 35% over budget and two years behind schedule?

Top services we provide, but not limited to:

  • Labor Scheduling
  • Production Tracking
  • On-Site Management To Support Client Staffing Needs
  • On-Site Administrative team to assist with on-boarding and time keeping
  • On-line Time Keeping Systems
  • Daily Communication Supporting Production Schedule And Management.
  • Short-Term And Long-Term Incentives To Meet Solar Panel Installation Goals.
  • On-Site Capability To Provide Immediate Support And Service
  • On-Site Trailer
  • PPE

Each solar worker is:

  • Vetted
  • SPQ Program Trained
  • Safety Trained
  • Drug Tested

Skilled trades we provide, but not limited to:

  • Crew Leads
  • Electricians
  • PV Installers
  • Racking System Installation Crew
  • Module Installation Crew
  • Solar Technicians
  • QA/QC
  • Pile drivers
  • Operators
  • Safety Manager
  • Foreman
  • Superintendents

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