SPQ Program

Our S.P.Q program goes beyond safety; it embodies our philosophy to guarantee we place the right skilled worker at the right project.

Each team member follows the S.P.Q flow:

  1. Skill tests to validate their level of experience.
  2. Safety videos and test after each video.
  3. Hands-on Training on Ladder Safety, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Caught In Between.

When you partner with QLM, you will be able to identify our specialized workforce in the field quickly.

  • Skill level Indicator:

Our program allows you to know the skill level of the team member quickly and also their names.

  • Hard Hat certifications:

QLM team members go through safety training, and the hardhat certifications enable you to see them on their hard hats instantly.

Staff your project with skilled team members who are safe, productive, and qualified to get the job done right every time.