Door Reluctance in Sales and How To Avoid It

Door reluctance in Sales is when someone is afraid of opening a door because they don’t know what is behind it.

Fear can play an essential part in our lives. When we go out on sales calls, it’s imperative to leave it behind. We tend to fear what we don’t know, and this is how door reluctance makes its way into our work.

How do you avoid this? 

  1. Confidence in your product or service. 

Confidence is key. It’s essential to know what you are selling. Better yet, believe in what you are selling. Knock on that door!  You need to know what your selling inside and out and be able to answer all questions or again you will be chewed up and spit out. You also need to be able to adapt to what is behind that door; win over the most negative person first, and then you win the room!

Person afraid make sales
Door Reluctance In Sales
  1. When you’re selling, make it about them. 

In today’s world, there is no excuse for not knowing everything about the company you are pitching. Everyone likes to talk about one thing more than anything else, themselves. You must make the sales call about them, and if you show up with no background your going to be eaten alive.

  1. Confidence in you. 

Everyone is a salesperson, but many don’t know it. Confidence in your product is fundamental, but trust in your ability to sell is vital.

Mark Lang, CEO shared a little sales story on this last one point.

“My best client once told me, “I don’t know why we get along. I hate all salespeople, and you are one of the best,”. I asked him why he hated himself so much if he hates salespeople. He quickly replied that he is in operations and manages the crews and they do what he asks if they want to keep their job. I said ok, how about your daughter, she has a beautiful smile, did she start brushing her teeth out of the womb. He said no, we explained the need to clean her teeth and watch what she ate. I said, “so you sold her on the idea it was better to brush than to ignore it and showed her what would happen if she didn’t clean her teeth.” Thus you are a salesman and don’t even know it.”

Bottom line.

In sales, we work with people every day, and we have views we want to get across. The best way to avoid door reluctance is by understanding the situation you are. Better yet, research whom you are working with, then you can sell them on your product and help them understand why they should buy it.

QLM team put in practice these and many other sales tips when they are out in the field or visiting clients. Learn more about QLM philosophy and organization.